How to Unlock Bootloader on AT&T HTC One Smartphone


If you want to play with your HTC One, root it, install custom recovery tools and actually have the real Android game then unlocking the bootloader is the very first step! Follow this post to unlock bootloader on AT&T HTC One smartphone from HTC developer center.

Important: unlocking bootloader voids the warranty of your device so kindly think before you decide. 

Prerequisites before you unlock Bootloader on AT&T HTC One:

  • Charge your HTC One to at least 70% of battery level.
  • Create backup of all your important data in your HTC One as unlocking the bootloader would wipe all the data.
  • Make sure that USB Drivers for HTC One are installed on your computer.

How to unlock bootloader on AT&T HTC One:

Required files: download the fastboot package on your computer and unzip the downloaded zip file into C drive.

  • Go to official HTC Unlock Bootloader page and login. If you don't already have an account then create one by clicking on register button.
  • Once logged in, open the unlock bootloader page.
  • You will see there a drop down menu all other supported models, select and click on the begin unlock bootloader page. Read the warning message and then click yes.
  • Accept the legal authority and click on the proceed to unlock instructions.
  • Your phone must be disconnected from PC. Switch it off and reboot by holding Volume Down and Power keys until you enter in the bootloader mode. Use the Volume keys to highlight and select the fastboot menu using the power key.
  • Once in fastboot mode, connect your HTC One with computer using a USB cable.
  • Don't follow any instructions and proceed by clicking on the proceed to step 5.
  • Open the fastboot unzipped folder in C drive. Open the command prompt (start menuprogramsaccessories) and type: C:\fastboot
  • Enter another command: fastboot devices. It should generate a serial number, if it doesn't then either your phone is not connected to PC properly or the USB drivers aren't properly installed.
  • Now back on the HTC developer site click on the proceed to Step 8.
  •  Follow every instruction that the page asks and click the submit button. You will get a message token submitted successfully and you will also receive an unlock key through email.
  • Now check your mail box and download the Unlock_code.bin file attached in the mail from HTC. Place the file in fastboot folder in C driver.
  • Enter the command on command prompt: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin. This will send you and unlock bootloader request on phone. Use volume and power keys to confirm the request.
  • Your phone will then reboot and perform factory reset automatically. Disconnect your HTC One AT&T from your computer.

That’s it! The bootloader of your AT&T HTC One is now unlocked. Which essentially means that you can now root your phone, install custom recovery tools (check our post for installing ClockworkMod recovery on AT&T HTC One) and then go for some amazing custom ROMs!