Unlock Bootloader and Root HTC One X+ Easily With All-In-One Toolkit


HTC One X+ is one hell of an Android device that managed to score a massive fan base right after its release. Although, some may argue that Samsung Galaxy SIII has managed to beat the sales of this phone, but HTC One X+ has a class of its own with HTC Loyalists opting for this one instead of going for the SIII. The HTC One X+ supports a Micro Sim and comes packed with a great camera plus a fairly light and smart outlook.

Root-Unlock-Bootloader-HTC-One-X 1

Like other Android devices, HTC One X+ was rooted, bootloader unlocked within a day or two of its release. Although, the credit for acquiring root on HTC One X+ mainly goes to a budding and vibrant Android hacker and development community located in portals like XDA and RootzWiki, but HTC’s dev center also played a major role by handing out device ID tokens to make the bootloader unlock process easy. So yeah, Kudos to the manufacturer and the development community both!

There are many ways of rooting this phone. You can either go the old school method, in which you manually get the device token ID keys from HTC dev center to unlock bootloader, or you can just get the HTC One X + toolkit to do the deed within minutes. There are plenty of newbies and Android amateurs who love the one click method for its easiness and simplicity. However, there are also some old developers and hardcore Androiders who like to go with the classical rooting method involving manual stuff plus a great command over ADB.


Hasoon2000, recognized developer and XDA member, who is credited with producing all in one toolkits for various Android devices to make it easier for all, has released the HTC One X+ all in one toolkit as well. The tool kit is your extra efficient Swiss Army Knife to get all your rooting, flashing and unlocking done without requiring any substantial effort at all.

The HTC One X+ tool kit for acquiring easy root, bootloader unlock and kernel flashing lets you install HTC Drivers, automatically enter bootloader and get tocken ID for unlocking, flash recoveries and kernels and acquire permanent root. With all this on board, you can hardly look for another tool. However, this tool only works on Windows PCs running Windows 7 or previous. Windows 8 isn’t supported as of now.

Apart from providing the above mentioned services, the tool also lets you boot into bootloader and recovery and also lets you relock bootloader followed by an option to fix the MainVer error. The tool also lets you make complete data backups and also allows you to install apps.

So how do you get this HTC One X+ all in one toolkit to work? It is pretty simple. All you have to do is download Hasoon2000s toolkit from here and extract it to a folder on your PC. Once you are done with extracting the folder, run the application and connect your phone to the computer via USB cable. Now just click on the relevant tabs in application interface and get root, bootloader unlock etc. on your phone. Yes, it is that simple!

According to Hasoon2000. the credits for this tool for rooting and bootloader unlocking also go to several developers, hackers and ROM chefs located on various forums who helped him to complete this gig.

In case you want to thank the developer or need some hands-on information, please head to the official XDA development thread for the all-in-one toolkit for HTC One X+ and get Live support. You can also donate to the developer right from the app interface if you appreciate their work and want them to continue development.