Ubisoft Confirms Cyberattack Incident, Says No Player Data Was Taken

Alessio Palumbo
Ubisoft free-to-play cyberattack

Game publisher and developer Ubisoft confirmed to have been on the receiving end of a cyberattack last week. The incident disrupted the availability of Ubisoft games and services, though that appears to have been resolved already. Additionally, it seems like no player data was taken by whoever perpetrated the attack.

Last week, Ubisoft experienced a cyber security incident that caused temporary disruption to some of our games, systems, and services. Our IT teams are working with leading external experts to investigate the issue. As a precautionary measure we initiated a company-wide password reset. Also, we can confirm that all our games and services are functioning normally and that at this time there is no evidence any player personal information was accessed or exposed as a by-product of this incident.

It's not the first time that cyberattacks have targeted Ubisoft. In 2020, the company filed a lawsuit against the owners of website SNG.One, which allowed users to attack servers of various games including the popular first-person tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege. The company won said lawsuit last year at the US Central District Court of California, where the judge awarded Ubisoft around $153K in compensation. Another prominent game developer, CD Projekt RED, was also targeted by cyberattacks in early 2021. The developers were even locked out of their computers for a while.

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More recently, graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA suffered a major cyberattack that compromised several parts of its business. The source code for NVIDIA's acclaimed Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) image reconstruction technique was also leaked as a result.

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