Uber Freight Is On Its Way To Major Improvement With The Help Of Newly Announced Features


Uber is in the process of expanding its app, Uber Freight. This app is responsible for matching independent truckers with shipping companies. The app was launched in May and it will now feature short, medium and long haul routes in markets like California, the Carolinas, Arizona, and the Chicago-Midwest region. According to the company, it will be adding new features to the app as well that will aid drivers.

Uber Freight on its way to success

Uber Freight will now be able to ‘automatically learn drivers’ preferences based on past data about loads, location, home base etc. The driver will then be able to receive notifications when jobs that fit their preferences arise. This will help in picking up jobs even when the drivers are on the road. The company is also adding a ‘For You’ section to the app which will suggest jobs to users based on preferences. This idea is very similar to what is being used in apps like Apple Music or Spotify.
These changes were most likely made to compensate for the fact that the company has been facing a lot of criticism lately regarding the app about how it is very similar to Freight boards or ‘load boards’. Drivers have also pointed out that the Uber payouts are not very different from what they can earn using other services. They fear that like the Uber cab service these rates will also eventually fall.

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If the company wishes to make this venture successful, it is very important for it to expand. This will help it to become competitive and regain some of its lost image. Uber can gain substantial advantage among existing competition by using its ability to scale digitally. The reason that its can service was successful was because the company added features that put their competitors very far behind. Today’s announcement means that the company is now on its way to improve Uber Freight and make it equally successful.

News Source: Uber is making its trucking app work more like Apple Music