Twitter makes itself more secure with improved blocking feature. “Enhanced harassment reporting made easier”

Ahmed Bilal

Company announced an improved feature for twitter users in order to make them feel more secure. This allows them to report content that sometimes contain abuse or harassing material. To make this process easier and to enhance the users experience while using twitter, this feature is embedded in twitter which makes it faster to report such content than ever before. This process is much more mobile-friendly, needs so less information primarily and is simple to flag. It is also helpful for those individuals to report the content that they observe as abuse but are not directly affected by the content. Reported accounts and tweets are constantly viewed through various tools to enhance response time.

Twitter’s New Feature makes it easier to 'Flag abusive content' with a few clicks

This year, twitter also launched its blocking feature. Following that, it now launched a new harassment reporting facility to its end users. It also followed some incidents when twitter was heavily criticized for not handling threats on its services well.  It now prevents blocked users from viewing your profile and account. This new feature gives users a better control on their interaction with others while using their twitter account. Previously, reporting some content on twitter wasn’t that easy, it used to require a nice part questionnaire filled. Now, it can be completed in a portion of time and seems more quick when it comes to talk about response time. In the coming weeks, this feature will be rolled out to general public, more appropriately to everyone.


The new 'report abuse' feature by Twitter @Credit URL

Over the next few weeks, twitter will make it general and the redesigned reporting process will make it easier to flag abuse content. With almost around 500 twitted posts every day, some of them are bound to contain unwanted abuse content hence, the new system takes a few clicks to report as compare to the older version. Twitter also announced improvements to its blocking facility. Previously, you cannot review the accounts blocked unless you remember the user name or profile information. Also, users who were blocked were still able to see and track your profile which made no difference for them even if they are blocked. But now, the blocked accounts can be seen and reviewed on a separate ‘’blocked account’’ page and they cannot view your profile either. More options regarding control and reporting harassing content will be added to this feature soon, see how it works by Twitter support.

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