Twitter For iOS Has Been Updated With A Highly Demanded Night Mode Feature


Twitter users on iOS have been wanting a dark theme for quite a while now. While the feature has been available on Android since early-summer, the company has finally decided to update its official Twitter app for iOS with a dark theme. The Night Mode on Twitter has now been expanded to iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, the company said on Monday. The standard UI of the Twitter app is white all around and bugs users who check their feed before sleep. So it's definitely a welcome addition to the app. Let's see some more details on how you can use Night Mode on Twitter.

Night Mode Is Now Available On Twitter For iOS

There are quite a handful of third-party clients for Twitter and most them already offer a dark theme option. Some of them include Tweetbot and Twitterific. Seeing the trend in adopting a dark theme, Twitter  has finally updated its official iOS app with an addition that will be praised for long. For all of those who are new to Twitter or don't know how to enable Night Mode, follow the instructions given below.

The first thing that you need to do is update the official Twitter app on your iOS device. If the app has not been updated automatically, you can always navigate to the App Store and update it manually. Once the app has been updated, hit the Me tab and then tap on the gear icon to launch settings. In the settings menu, enable the feature by tapping on Turn on Night Mode. Turning off the feature requires the same operation, simply deselect the option to turn Night Mode off. That's all you have to do.

Twitter Night Mode

Night Mode is great and all, but it could have been further tweaked to schedule the feature to automatic mode. This would have been a welcome addition. Nonetheless, Twitter could possibly update it in the near future. If Twitter decides to update the feature, it would closely resemble the night Shift feature available on iOS. Twitter is a wonderful source of information and a mean to connect with colleagues, associates and family members.

Twitter for iOS is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free on the App Store. If you haven't installed the app just yet, now might be a good time. This is it for now folks. What are your thoughts on Night Mode on Twitter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.