“Hello Twitterverse!” First Tweet From Space

First it was Bill Gates and now it is NASA's astronaut Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer, who posted the very first tweet from outer space (International Space Station). As opposed to Bill Gates, Creamer wrote "Hello Twitterverse!," under the Twitter user name Astro_TJ. "We r now LIVE tweeting from the International Space Station—the 1st live tweet from Space! ," Creamer said. Creamer had over 5,000 followers within the first couple of hours.

It is not the first time that communication has been done from outer space on to the Internet. Previously, all communications were through NASA's HQ in Florida but now with latest in technological advancements, astronauts are directly connected to the Internet.

Although the world would be really excited to have direct access to an astronaut live in space but NASA shatters all dreams and hopes of followers by telling them that the astronauts are still under the same policy as other US Govt. officials for posting on the Internet on any social media site. They have to follow a strict protocol and all their conversations and access are monitored by NASA control room.

It is actually a great achievement for US to connect the world directly to the International Space Station but I would stay skeptical about it as the recent Google hack attack and other major security lapses within the past couple of months, it should not have been allowed in the first place. If any hacker is able to gain access to the ISS network, then it will be catastrophic. I am sure NASA must have thought about the security issues but so did Google and Adobe, who fell victim to the hack attacks, apparently by the Chinese hackers.

Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry and NASA must realize it sooner rather than later.

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