How To Turn On Instagram Post Notifications

Uzair Ghani

Here's how you an turn on notifications for specific users on Instagram in a few easy steps.

Instagram revealed that it will be juggling our feed around a little, showing the popular posts up top, much like how Facebook works, with Twitter also following suit a little back. And to be quite honest, Instagram is much more sassy to work around with if everything is in chronological order, giving you a clear sense of going back in time to older posts as you scroll down within the app.

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But before Instagram makes the big move to shuffle things around, we'll show you how you can enable notifications for certain users so that you are notified instantly as they post something, ensuring that you don't miss a beat from particular set of users.

All set? Let's dive right into the guide.

Turn On Post Notifications In Instagram

1. Make sure you have Instagram for iPhone or Android installed onto your device in the first place.

2. Launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.

3. Open a profile of a user whose notifications you wish to receive when they post something.

4. Tap on the little 'three dots' button at the top right hand corner and then tap on 'Turn On Post Notifications.'

5. Alternatively, you can open up any post, tap on the 'three dots' button and then tap on 'Turn On Post Notifications.'

From here on in when that user posts a photo or video of his meal, you'll be instantly notified about it. Nice and simple.

While we do realize that prioritizing posts based on popularity is a good way to increase engagement and keep everyone up to date when they open the app after a long time, but quite frankly, it's not everyone's keep of tea, not even ours at certain times. There are a lot of instances where you just want to open up an app and see everything in vanilla fashion, with posts organized in chronological order, giving you a clear sense of time and whatnot.

We really wish Instagram doesn't force the shuffled up feed onto every user and keeps the feature as an opt-in affair. After all, it would end up ruining the entire experience for a lot of users, and we don't want that. Neither do you, Instagram.

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below if you found today's guide useful. And whether or not Instagram should introduce a prioritized feed.

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