Truly Ergonomic Introduces “Perfected Keyboard” Crowdfunding Campaign


Truly Ergonomic is a peripheral company based out of Canada, and their namesake Truly Ergonomic Keyboard was reviewed to solid reception last year and earned its title as an ergonomic keyboard. Some issues were hinted pointed out and the company thinks they've fixed those problems with "The Perfected Keyboard". A name that inspires confidence, if not a little cocky, and let's start with why.

Truly Ergonomic Perfected Keyboard

It aims to be a bit more familiar to standard keyboard users with a dedicated function key row and staggered columns make moving to this keyboard less of a mental exercise. One of the ergonomic features this time around comes via the smaller-than-full size form factor, which helps keep the mouse closer and have arms at natural shoulder width. which can help for longer sessions at your desk and keep your posture better.

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One of the very different options we see is Truly Ergonomic has gone with optical switches, and they have worked on custom-made IR switches for this keyboard specifically. They have a tactile clicky option as well as a tactile silent and a linear silent switch. It features an actuation mechanism that like most other optical switches, generates an IR beam that when interrupted by a users keystroke activates the response. By using an optical swqitch it has a reduction in metal to metal contact for improved longevity, a faster debounce rate which they've claimed is .3 ms, and an ability to decouple actuation and feedback mechanisms. The good news is they switches are not soldered to the PCB like most other boards and can allow easier repair solutions. The switches have a well around the stem that also adds some spill and dust resistance alongside a coating on the keyboard body, and all switches actuate at 1.9 mm with a total travel distance of 3.8 mm.

Finally to dissapoint all the RGB lovers, it only features white LEDs with 10 brightness levels and 7 onboard ligting profiles.

Pricing And Availability

The Perfected Keyboard is currently being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo with an MSRP of $200, but units available for pre-order at prices as low as $99 as of now.

Source: TechPowerup