Angry Miao Introduces The CYBERBOARD

Evan Federowicz
Source: Angry Miao

Angry Miao has introduced the CYBERBOARD, which is the world's first custom LED mechanical keyboard that was inspired by Tesla Cybertruck. Currently, on Angry Miao's Indiegogo campaign, there are three different colors of this keyboard available.

Angry Miao's CYBERBOARD is currently in the production phase, and each keyboard costs $410, with a 40% discount

The Cybertruck heavily inspired the CYBERBOARD's design, and this design showcases sharper edges and polished clean look to the keyboard. This keyboard comes in a variety of colors, including Purple Haze, Vapor White, Industrial Yellow, Jungle Green, and even Cyber Grey. This color is achieved by using anodic coloring, which most smartphones use, ensuring the color doesn't get scratched off or wear over time.

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Source: Angry Miao

Sadly, at this point, both the Purple Haze and Vapor White versions are sold out, but if you truly want to emulate the Cyber Truck, then the Cyber Grey color is a perfect choice! But at the time of writing, even the Cyber Grey only has one more available for the early bird special!

Source: Angry Miao

The CYBERBOARD offers the world's first custom LED panel, which uses a two hundred LED lamp beads. This LED panel allows for extreme customization by utilizing Angry Miao's specific chips, which are programmed for lighting effects. To create your custom LED design, the CYBERBOARD offers a unique web interface for DIY configurations.

Source: Angry Miao

This keyboard also features a 10° incline, which allows the keyboard to achieve the optimal balance between typing experience and aesthetics.

For the technical side, this keyboard uses aluminum alloy CNC and a 75% layout, meaning you can save a bit of space on your desk! The Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a stable and speedy connection for gaming and general use! This keyboard also features a hot-swappable PCB, and a replacement can also be ordered from the Indiegogo campaign. Between the PCB and the plate, there is a 3.4 mm silicone mute mount, which is designed to ensure fantastic shock absorption.

The price of this board does vary a bit. Right now, the Indiegogo campaign is running a 40% discount on all of its products, including the board itself. While typically costing $680, which makes this an incredibly expensive keyboard ( that doesn't feature keycaps ), with the 40% discount, this keyboard currently costs $410.

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