True Power Independence Gets Possible With SuperBase V, Plug-n-Play Lifeline for Home Energy (Now on Black Friday Discount)

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zendure superbase v

Known as the power bank for your home and electric cars, Zendure SuperBase V makes your clean energy self-sufficiency dreams come true. Considering how we can't imagine a life without a power bank for our phones and other devices, it's surprising how so few teams are working to make sure we get the same power independence when it comes to our homes and cars, especially with the ongoing energy crises.

SuperBase V is the world's first Semi-Solid State Home Energy Storage System with the industry's first integrated unit with 120V/240V dual voltage output and the world's first plug-and-play home energy system. Yep, Zendure managed to cross quite a few firsts with this launch, which isn't surprising since the company has remained dedicated to clean energy products for the past decade.

Zendure's focus on making energy available and accessible when and where you need it the most reflects in the number of patents it owns and the core technologies it's been experimenting with. The company is one of the fastest-growing clean EnergyTech startups located out of California with unique access to global talent and tech in the US, China, and Japan. Inspired R&D and a community-first business model enable Zendure to create solutions that help everyone get access to the dream of true power independence.

Zendure SuperBase V power Station Makes Access to Comfort on the Road Super Easy

SuperBase V saves up to 87.49% on energy bills. Removing energy anxiety, Zendure empowers you to get access to clean energy anytime, anywhere you need. The SuperBase V is equipped with an expandable battery of up to 64KWh that gets you five days or more of power for most people's electrical demands. Whether you want to go off the grid, camp in the wild (umm, hello, astrophotography sessions during aurora borealis season), have RV summer fun, or just need access to eco-friendly energy, SuperBase V will become your clean power provider.

zendure superbase v battery

This plug-and-play home energy system comes in two variants: SuperBase V6400 with a built-in Semi-Solid State battery with a capacity of 6,438Wh, and SuperBase V4600 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with a 4,608Wh capacity.

Both are expandable variants, as you can connect each base station to up to four satellite batteries, expanding the power system to meet your energy requirements. The expansion batteries, stacked together, can bolster both the main unit’s capacity along with increasing its maximum input/output capacity. A maxed-out configuration featuring two base units and eight Satellites can hold up to 64kWh of energy and deliver up to 7,600W of AC power (Semi-Solid State version). The batteries also carry a lifespan of an astonishing 10 years or more.

The base stations, of course, come with tons of ports, including USB-C, AC, 12V car charge, and more. This beast of a product will bring the comfort of your home on the road! Turn camping into glamping? SBV makes that happen like it's no big deal.

You can read more about this brilliant power station in our earlier coverage; check out the amazing response that it got during its Kickstarter campaign, and then make the decision if your life is ready for power independence.

Zendure SuperBase V and SuperBase Pro Black Friday 2022 Discounts

The company is offering discounts on these must-buy products in a climate where we seem to be preparing for some apocalypse every other week. Here's a quick rundown of all the discounts currently live:

ProductMSRPBlack Friday Price
Satellite Battery 6400$5,099$3,299
Satellite Battery 4600$2,999$2,199
EV Charger$599$449
400W Solar Panel$1,399$999

SuperBase Pro 1500 is also getting a discount, now available for $1,299 (reg. $1,599), and SBP2000 is available for $1,499 (reg. $1,699). Use code zendureSBP at Amazon or Zendure for a discounted rate.

zendure superbase v

No one likes energy outages, and they are becoming more and more frequent. Maintain the “normal” life without depending on the grid with SBV’s zero-downtime UPS that flawlessly switches during outages. This November, give yourself and your community the gift of clean, dependable energy with Zendure.

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