Zendure SuperBase V: World’s First Semi-Solid State Home Energy Storage System for True Power Independence

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zendure home energy storage system

Sustainability is on everyone's mind. But while most companies are busy greenwashing, the average but not so average person is more concerned about the rising energy costs and dealing with increasing natural disasters. Call it a concern for the environment, a way to deal with rising energy costs, or have a backup plan for those uncertain times - the need for access to self-controlled energy has become critical.

Zendure, one of the fastest growing EnergyTech startups, is launching SuperBase V to deal with these and many other concerns around energy that are growing by the day. Power isn't a privilege anymore. It's what sustains families, communities, and economies. Founded by someone who had to deal with a life without electricity for several years, Zendure understands this critical energy need to its core as a company.

"When people and communities are without power, even for a day, it’s not just the comforts and conveniences of modern life that are lost, rather energy is about survival and connection." - Zendure.

Based out of California, China, and Japan, Zendure has unique access to different knowledge bases, new technologies, and insight into emerging consumer requirements. The company is designing clean energy solutions that deliver energy security, result in long-term cost savings, and get you power independence.

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Going back to 2013, this clean energy company has managed to build an award-winning portfolio of versatile and industry-leading mobile batteries, portable power stations, and IoT Home Energy Storage Solutions. Zendure says the company's mission is to help enhance the lives of doers at home, work, and play around the world.

Introducing Zendure SuperBase V, the beginning of the democratization of battery tech for affordable electricity

Featuring semi-solid state batteries, Zendure SuperBase V is customizable with an expandable capacity of 6.4kWh to 64kWh. There are a lot of firsts with SBV. One, it's the industry's first Semi-Solid State battery featuring 6.4kWh to 64kWh capacity. Then, it's the first home energy storage solution with built-in 120V/240V dual voltage. And finally, it's also the first plug-and-play home energy system.

With more than 228Wh/kg (42% more energy than regular MSN batteries) and support for up to 3000W solar panels and EV charging, SuperBase V sets a new standard for whole-home energy management.

zendure semi-solid state battery

Can it run your entire home? How about recharging?

Zendure's SuperBase V can provide up to 3,800W of power, and two units can be chained together for up to 7,600W. That's enough power to keep a house running with all its appliances, including a washer, dryer, heater, refrigerator, and more.

As for recharging, SBV can be recharged simultaneously through multiple sources. You can charge the SBV system at up to 6.6kW in just 1 hour with a satellite expansion module for solar power that is paired with AC outlet power. This makes this clean energy system exceptionally versatile and useful, significantly increasing how it can be used. From smart homes to electric vehicles and off-grid use, SBV can manage it all.

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On the go? You can recharge it directly with a separate power station or solar panel up to 3,000W, independently and fully supporting RV use with fewer "pit stops," as well as your every in-house electric appliance.

Zendure SBV: an industry first for plug-n-play and dual-voltage

Clean energy is no longer for a niche consumer who has the time and capacity to engage in reviewing and buying different products to actually be able to use it. Zendure SuperBase V works with your existing transfer switch and power inlet and is highly scalable. Simply stack our Satellite Expansion Modules on top of each other to power up. You won't even notice a power outage, as SBV enables seamless backup power activation.

"No matter what you're working on, SBV keeps the flow going."

SBV is also the first home energy storage solution with built-in 120V/240V(US) Dual Voltage. When a product claims to be a home backup power, it should be able to deal with your entire home, including larger 240V appliances. SuperBase V can handle different devices at the same time. One unit for all usages!

Some other highlights of the Zendure SBV Home Energy Storage System include

  • Home Panel With EV Outlets: Up to 12,000W of power distribution, the built-in 2 sockets can charge 2 electric vehicles simultaneously!
  • Portable Level 2 EV charging: Main unit charges for 20 miles in 1.6 hours | SBV+1 battery pack for 40 miles
  • Zero-Downtime online UPS (seamless)
  • Main unit converts any 120V AC outlet to 240V AC
  • Voice Control
  • 14 Output Ports
  • Semi-solid state Battery for 42% More Energy Storage than LFP
  • Time-of-use programming to reduce your energy bill
  • YRV'sRV's new best friend with motorized wheels for easy movement and deployment
zendure superbase v

Ready for some fun time without having to worry about power issues or energy bills? Zendure has just launched its Kickstarter campaign for SuperBase V, pricing this plug-and-play lifeline for home energy storage at just $3,799 (Semi-Solid State battery version). Get the fun going with true power independence!

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