Tropico 6 Closed Beta Giveaway – Grab a Steam Key and Become El Presidente

Chris Wray

Welcome my prospective El Presidente's. Normally, the Tropico 6 beta would only be available for those of you who have already preordered the game - this is not the case for eleven of you lucky souls. Your humble and incredibly good looking leader has managed to swindle his way to obtaining eleven codes, all to be given away to you, my adoring public.

One of the best aspects of your entry into the closed beta is that it only expires when the game is released. Effectively, this gives you complete access, for months, to two of the fifteen missions that will be available in the final release. As well as that, the maps from those two missions are joined by two extra sandbox-only maps, giving you four in total to enjoy in sandbox mode.

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All of this is quick and easy to enter and you'll get the chance to play the part of El Presidente, running your archipelago however you'd like to.

Tropico 6 Beta Giveaway

I would certainly say go for it too. Why? Because as I said in my hands-on preview of Tropico 6, I like it. Specifically, I've been playing the series since the first iteration and I know exactly what I'm getting into. Specifically, I said "Ultimately, the question is if I’ve enjoyed my time with Tropico 6 so far. Honestly, yeah. I wouldn’t have spent over 20 hours with it". This has increased since that, me having played it some more since then.

All in all, this is the perfect time for you to jump in, lead the masses and find out exactly what sort of dictator you want to be. If you want to be a dictator at all, you could always be democratic. It's time to build up your state and stealing some fantastic wonders from all areas of the world. Good luck and go get yourself a key!

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