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Total War: Three Kingdoms Interview – Talking Total War with Attila Mohacsi and Al Bickham


Talking Total War: Three Kingdoms with Attila & Al Part 3 - Character Development, Terrain and Unique Features

Chris: With these characters, do you have visible and hidden statistics that show the different levels of them? Strength, for example, where Lu Bu will be at the top with only such as Zhang Fei close to him.

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Attila: We will have it so we can show the complexity in an easy to approach way. We're working on how to show stats, basing it on five elements. Lu Bu's, for example, is strength. The thing we did with Lu Bu at the beginning is because we felt strongly about player customisation, is that he doesn't start max strength. He's still way stronger than others.

Chris: Thinking about the campaign map. There are special battles that took place like Hu Lao Gates, Red Cliff. Do you have special areas that aren't cities like Hu Lao Gates?

Attila: We were tempted to do it, but it always came through like it was only in the romance where it happens so two different campaign maps would be difficult. You will still see places on the campaign map like the Great Wall is there, but the bespoke battles aren't on the map.

Chris: I was thinking along the lines of the actual fortifications that were there, not so much the fantastical elements.

Attila: So an interesting thing we haven't talked about, a small thing. We are calling out a couple of very important locations on the campaign. Giving history about them.

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Al: Points of Interest, yeah.

Chris: So with the campaign. You've got your eleven major factions, the other areas will be controlled by other warlords and will they have characters that you can recruit?

Attila: These places won't be empty and it's true that whoever you defeat in battle and don't kill, you can try to recruit them. So you will be able to try to recruit the smaller generals.

Chris: Looking at battles, will you have naval battles or naval units at all?

Al: It's really about the conflict on the mainland, so we're not simulating naval battles.

Chris: Are you thinking of potentially showing battles like Red Cliff as historical batles or is it just the campaign for now?

Al: Yeah, We're just focusing on campaign. We're not looking too much at historical battles. That may change over time, but it's a big old world. On that note, it is a big campaign map. Think Rome 2: Attila size but with no large bodies of water. In terms of land mass, it's colossal.

Attila: Thinking about it, I don't think we've done one this big before. Maybe it's only comparable to Empire, which had multiple theatres. As a single theatre, this big, I don't think so.

Chris: Of course with it spanning mainland china at this time. You've mentioned the specialised terrain. How are you working with the differences, from the huge mountain ranges, to the desert in the north, wetlands in the south? Will deserts cause attrition, for example?

[Attila looks at Al here]

Al: I think we can talk about different terrain types.

Attila: So different terrain types will have gameplay implications. Not small, in many ways.


Attila: It shows you're well prpared and knowledgeable in the area. It's like "all these things happened, are you guys covering it?". Like Cao Cao going to the south and going through sea sickness.

Chris: And when he went to the north after Yuan Shao and lost Guo Jia in the desert. He has the tendency to nearly die, everywhere.

Attila: He was more sorry about losing Dian Wei than his firstborn son!

Chris: So you can't really go into it, but the terrain will have big implications?

Attila: Yeah, the one thing we can say is that we are emphasising the rivers. These are massive rivers. You'll have seen the ships there and we have this mechanic where you can travel along rivers much quicker.

Al: I'm sorry we couldn't go into too much detail. It's the first time we've properly started talking about the campaign and there's a lot to come, a lot of detail to talk about.

Chris: No issues there. I've certainly got some impressions on certain aspects that will be coming. Thank you for your time!