Pick Between a 1080p or 4K TV With Both Options Giving You a Smarter Viewing Experience at an Affordable Price

Toshiba Fire TV deal

There was once upon a time when large-screen TVs with resolutions of 1080p and 4K were deemed too expensive for the average consumer. Now, with the technological tectonic plates shifting, current-generation products have become a lot more accessible and affordable. If you’re looking for a TV that’s big on size, but goes exceptionally easy on your wallet, we have just the product for you. Introducing the Toshiba Fire TV edition, available in both the 1080p and 4K version, and both of them are affordable.

Both resolution and screen size variants of the Toshiba Fire TV have a Fire TV built in. What this means is that you will have unparalleled access to all your favorite streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video. Not just this, but it also has Alexa-enabled skills and can work with the included voice remote. The remote lets you talk to Alexa, search for titles, switch inputs, control your smart home and plenty more features. If you have an HDTV antenna, you can integrate the over-the-air channels with your streaming channels.

There are several connectivity options included, allowing you to seamlessly connect storage peripherals, or connect the TV to your notebook for a much bigger viewing experience. Starting at just $199, the Toshiba Fire TV will enable an average customer to obtain a quality product without blowing a hole through their wallet. If you feel you can up your budget to pick a higher resolution TV with a slight bump in the display size, you can pick the $329.99 version, which will give you access to 4K content.

There’s no telling when the deal will expire so that only means that you should expedite your purchase by visiting the links below.

Buy the Toshiba Fire TV 1080p resolution 49-inch model for $199.99

Buy the Toshiba Fire TV 4K resolution 50-inch model for $329.99

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