Toshiba Announces New MN07 Series HDDs for NAS OEMs

Toshiba, a committed technology leader, announces the MN07 Series 12 TB and 14 TB 3.5-inch hard disk drives for use in NAS platforms. The Toshiba MN07 Series utilizes a helium-sealed mechanical design to achieve the massive 14 TB and 12 TB capacity. The 14 TB model improves power efficiency by approximately 55 percent (W/GB) over the previous 10 TB "air" 7,200 rpm mechanical designs.

Toshiba Announces New MN07 Series HDDs NAS OEMs and System Integrators

The MN07 Series is designed for use in NAS appliances with eight or more drive bays and is suitable for NAS file and object storage applications that require disk drives with workload ratings of up to 180 TB per year. The models feature vibration compensation technology and advanced Format (AF) 512e sector technology. Additionally, both devices offer 24/7 operability, superior reliability with MTTF of 1.0 Million hours, and are compatible with popular 3rd-party, 3.5-inch NAS enclosures.

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"Toshiba's new MN07 Series provides proven NAS-class performance and durability. Toshiba's exclusive 9-disk, helium-sealed mechanics deliver real value to OEMs and integrators of file- and object- storage solutions who utilize proven network-attached storage technologies, MN07 Series models include RV compensation technology for optimal performance in multi-disk NAS enclosures and are designed for robust 24/7 operation up to 300,000 load/unload cycles."

Shuji Takaoka, - General Manager of Storage Products Sales & Marketing Division at Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation.

While we have been hearing about these same drives being sampled by Supermicro twice This is the first we've heard of it being made available on the commercial channels, which means all went well during the sampling period and perhaps we will see similar large capacity drives from Toshiba trickle down to the consumer market in the near future with hopefully a better name the MN07 series isn't exactly catchy.

Pricing And Availability

The MN07 series sample shipment will start today on commercial channels to OEMs and system integrators.

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