Torchlight: Infinite Next Closed Beta Kicks Off on September 5

Torchlight: infinite

Torchlight: Infinite's Closed Beta came and went. This period served to test several improvements made to the game based on player feedback. It also came complete with a new hero for players to test out. Now, a new closed beta has been announced, and it will bring a true, loot-based ARPG experience.

You can see a trailer below which shows off the stuff you'll have access to during the two-week-long Closed Beta Test 3 on September 5th.

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Torchlight: Infinite Enters Closed Beta Next Week

The next Closed Beta period for Torchlight: Infinite will start on September 5, 2022, and run through to September 18 at 7 PM PST. This beta has received tons of new content, including new story levels, new bosses, Netherrealm 2.0, Erosion craftings — and hordes of other new tweaks that affect almost every aspect of the game.

The beta will allow you to test six classes, 24 talent trees, and more than 240 skills. You can choose three skill paddles from different heroes and classes to build your own unique way of fighting. Not only that, but you can also modify your skill up to 5 times with support skills. With these unique tools, you can create your own unique playstyle.

Additionally, there will be three additional story levels which will have new geographical features and monster populations. The end of the final chapter will challenge players with gigantic new bosses. A new story, new gameplay, and completely new challenges. This new beta will bring plenty of stuff for players of all kinds.

While Unreal Engine 4 enables the game to combine the classic series gameplay with high-quality graphics. A deep, powerful skill system allows players to create a rich variety of character builds for you to try out in a beautifully imagined and rewarding game world. The beta will be available on PC, Android, and iOS devices. You can also download it through the game's website.

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