Top 10 Cydia Apps to October 2010

Rizwan Anwer

Wanna know the best Cydia apps you can get for the month of October 2010? Take a look inside.


10. Lockinfo

What this app does it add various features to your lock screen. Puts the lock screen to some good use. You can see your calendar entries, missed calls, sms alerts, e-mails, rss feeds all from the lock screen! It has the option of turning customizing what you can see and what you don’t on the lock screen. It also has the option of adding your rss feeds. You can even make a to-do list!

9. MakeItMine

What this small app does is, it allows you to add a custom carrier name in the status bar on your iphone and ipod touch. So you can replace “iPod” in the status bar with anything you want!

8. Safari Download Manager

The built-in safari download manager does not allow you to download any file. Safari download manager is what fills that void. It allows you to download any kind of file off safari which will be saved to your iphone and ipod touch file system, which is accessible via iFile (explained above). You can also transfer the downloaded files from your iphone to your computer. If they are mp3 files, you can also use dTunes to play the files on the iphone! A really helpful tool for all the downloaders out there.

7. Attachment Saver

Attachment saver does for e-mail what safari download manager does for safari. It allows you to save all your attachments from the default mail app on the iphone and ipod touch. The attachments are also saved on the file system, and can be accessed via iFile, allowing you to access the attachments in your e-mail even without internet connectivity.

6. Lockdown Pro

Ever wanted to lock applications with a password? You’re in luck. Lockdown pro allows you to lock any specific applications with a pin code. When you try to access a locked application, it asks for the pin code before allowing the app to be accessed. You can lock as many applications as you want! There is a universal option as well, which turns off lockdown pro for all the locked apps at the same time. Useful when you’re using the iphone yourself.

5. iFile:

It’s a modders’ dream come true! What iFile does is, allow file system navigation on the iphone and ipod touch. You can browse the entire file system, open and use compressed files, and run pdf files from iFile itself. However the biggest feature of iFile is the mini web server. iFile gives you the option to run a mini server on the iPhone and gives you an ip address. You can visit the ip address from a browser on your notebook and it connects to the iphone, and then you can upload any file to your iphone over wifi. So next time if you have a pdf file to read, just create a mini server upload the file from your system, and run it using iFile. As easy as it gets.

4. iBluenova

What’s the point of having Bluetooth and not being able to use it for sending and receiving files? That’s exactly what iBluenova does. It enables the iPhone and the iPod touch to send and receive files to any other Bluetooth enabled device over Bluetooth, which has never been possible before.

Overall the application is pretty straight forward to use. It’s just like another Bluetooth enabled device; it lets you browse the file system, select a file which you want to send, discover the device to which you want to send or receive the file from and send/receive. It has a progress bar to show the progress and speed of the file being transferred. If you need to send files between two iDevices, you need to have iBluenova installed on both the devices.

3. SBSettings

SBSettings is a nifty little tool for all sorts of toggles you need for quick and easy access to the settings on the iPhone and iPod touch. SBSettings can be activated by swiping a finger on status bar at the top of the screen, anytime and in any application. It brings up toggles for Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, Edge, SSH. You can also change brightness settings on the go. One more important feature is the task manager. It shows all the current running apps on the iphone, and gives you the option to kill any process to free up memory.

2. Wifi Sync

Tired of syncing your iphone with the USB cable? Look no further. WiFi sync lets you sync your iphone and ipod touch without the use of wires, over a wifi connection. Just install WiFi sync on you iDevice, and the wifi sync software on your pc and you’re good to go. No more wires needed to sync your iphone! Note however, given the slow speeds of wifi as compared to USB, copying an entire discography over WiFi is probably not a good idea.

1. Winterboard

It allows indefinite modification to the looks and feel of the iphone. You can change themes, icons, scroll bars, colours etc. Basically everything you need to modify and keep the UI of the iphone fresh and personalized. You can use multiple themes at once, and change the sequence of layers, to mix and match themes as per your likings. A must have for everyone who’s looking for some eye candy.

All Apps work with iOS 4.1 and of course require a jailbroken iPod Touch / iPhone to gain access to cydia

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