The Division Skill Advancement Detailed, Branches Of The Base of Operations Revealed


Tom Clancy’s The Division is getting very close to release, launching in around two months on consoles and PC, and Ubisoft has been sharing more on its highly anticipated game in the past few weeks. Earlier today some new details on the game's skill advancement system have surfaced online, revealing that the system will be tied to another gameplay mechanic.

In Tom Clancy’s The Division skill advancement is tied to three different branches of a Forwarding Operating Base simply called Base of Operations. This base serves as a hub in the game, where players can find the contaminated loot extracted from the Dark Zone and also improve their skills. The three different branches - Security, Medical, and Technology - allow players to develop different skills and specialize in a specific field. You can learn more about the matter by checking out a rough English translation by NeoGAF member ViciousDS of a recent post on the Ubisoft blog right below.

In Tom Clancy’s The Division, you will evolve in a very large part of the iconic New York City. The famous Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods can be explored in a reconstituted version of as closely as possible by developers.The agents will explore a living world, marked by weather and day / night dynamics.

We also learn that skill advancement in The Division is linked to the three branches of a meta-base or Forward Operating Base (FOB) inside the game known as the Base of Operations. The Base of Operations will serve as your hub within The Division where you can find your contaminated loot extracted from the Dark Zone, as well as develop your skills by completing main story and side missions among other things.

The three branches of the Base of Operations are Security, Medical, and Technology. With each level in a particular area, you will unlock a mod or skill beneficial to that particular skill tree.

Security Branch

Security Each mission will allow the city to benefit from better defenses against multiple threats and civil protection forces increased. Safety skills will give you an important defense and will make you perfect tanks in a team.

Medical Branch

Here is the ability of the city to give care to the wounded and sick to be in. In terms of skills, they are perfectly suited to players who wish to evolve as support and care for their teammates during combat.

Technology Branch

The development of the technological infrastructure of New York will play a decisive role in its reconstruction. Guests receive weapons and latest gadgets developing this branch.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on March 8th.