Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are Free or on Sale at the Play Store Including Auto Call Recorder Pro and More

Anil Ganti

Not a lot going on, so today's list is relatively short.

Correlate - Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro

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- Calendar event tracker: Track habitual activities, record medical symptoms, log simple habits, check daily routines, track moods and keep a food journal all in one place. Different diaries allows you to record any event with a simple calendar.
- Statistics: analyze symptoms frequency, and perform triage on yourself: are you feeling sick very often? Did you forget a pill? Is your workout calendar on track? Are you developing good weekly or monthly habits? Are you eating health food often enough? Everything is under control.
- Correlation analysis: discover if you are allergic to anything, and how you can change habits to improve health, or improve pain management. Learn what makes you sick or give you issues and cut it from your diet / routine / habits.
- Export data: export your food log / pain journal / diet log / symptom diary, save it or share it.
- Develop healthy habits: when you track habits and you discover that they help you feel better, go for it! Improve your food management by reiterating healthy food habits, understand your headache symptoms and live a better life.

Download Correlate - Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro

Auto call recorder Pro

- Record your calls automatically while calling.
- Organize your call records. You can view all your calls with options such as list by time, group by names or group by dates.
- You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SD card.
- Automatic call recorder
- Save your record and upload record to Google Driver
- Auto delete unsaved records after 1 week, 2 week
- Record outgoing call - record incoming calls
- Record all telofonnyh conversations.
- Play audio recorded conversations.
- Delete recorded conversations.
- Blocking of the calls listed to the automatic removal.
- you can set automatically delete your records aftern 1 week, 2 week, etc...

Download Auto call recorder Pro

CarBux - car lease, car loan & payments calculator

• “buy” or “do not buy” recommendation and visual gadget
• real time monthly payment calculations and recommendation
• bright colored flags mark the car deal pitfalls
• compare car deals side by side
• car lease or loan affordability analysis
• very close approximation to the actual monthly payment
• comprehensive financing calculations
• action bar packed with useful shortcuts and menus
• make an email offer
• share deal details with a friend or relative over email

Download CarBux - car lease, car loan & payments calculator

Retro NES Pro - NES Emulator

* Support NES file (.nes, .zip).
* Support android 4.0+ (suitable for android 8.0+).
* Save state and load state.
* Quick save: Double tap to quick-save (right half of screen).
* Quick load: Double tap to quick-load (left half of screen).
* Customize Control Buttons (Edit & resize).
* Turbo buttons & A+B button.
* PAL (Europe) / NTSC (USA, Japan) video modes.
* Support up to 4 Players.
* Support Rewind (Your character will never die when this feature is enabled).

Download Retro NES Pro - NES Emulator

Clinical knowledge tests

This base consists of booklets since 2005 up to 2016 years for all departments:
• Medical;
• Dentistry;
• Pharmaceutical;

Download Clinical knowledge tests

Engineering quantity estimate

engineering quantity estimate app for concrete inventory is best way to help engineers in the site to know cubed meter of concrete for each statical element.

Download Engineering quantity estimate

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