Tim Cook Shares Details on the Apple Watch’s Future: “Think About the Amount of Sensors in Your Car”


The Apple Watch is a huge success and following the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple is yet again in the works to offer better and improved health-related features. Apple CEO Tim Cook joined the Outside Podcast interview, sharing details on fitness, health, and the environment. As per Tim Cook, Apple has great plans for its wearables and the company is testing "mind-blowing" features in the lab. Let's dive in to see what else was shared by Tim Cook on the Apple Watch and what features can we expect from it in the future.

Tim Cook Shares Details on Health and Fitness, the Future of the Apple Watch, and Much More in New Podcast Interview

Tim Cook was asked about the future of the Apple Watch to which he replied that Apple is still in the early phases of the device. However, he also pointed out that the company is testing "mind blowing" capabilities in its labs. While that's all great and we can stretch our minds anywhere, not all the features will see daylight. Furthermore, Tim Cook, when talking about the Apple Watch's future, stated that "Think about the number of sensors in your car," and further added that " and arguably, your body us much more important than your car.

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What this means is that Apple will potentially expand the feature-list pertaining to health-related features. The company is quick when it comes to putting features in its wearable. The company's Apple Fitness+ is on the verge of being released. Over the years, Apple added heart rate tracking, a dedicated ECG app, blood oxygen monitoring irregular heart rhythm notification, and more.

Tim Cook on the Future of the Apple Watch

Other than the Apple Watch, Tim Cook also shared insights on how his love for nature where he referred to the environment as a "window to the world. Tim Cook revealed that Apple Park conference rooms are named after the United States national parks. He noted that he is "right around the corner from the Grand Canyon room."

That's not all, Tim Cook also shared numerous details on the company values and other aspects. If you're interested, you can check out the entire podcast on the Outside Podcast's website. That's all there is to it, share your views on the future of the Apple Watch in the comments.