TikTok is Testing a “Watch History” to Help You Monitor Your Viewed Clip

Furqan Shahid
TikTok is Testing a "Watch History" to Help You Monitor Your Viewed Clip
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A lot of us spend our free time on TikTok and there is nothing really wrong with that. The platform offers us bite-sized clips that often revolve around a variety of topics ranging from comedy, dance, musicals, and even some life lessons. Whether you are looking for tutorials, lifehacks, or just cat videos, TikTok is perhaps the place to be. However, at the time of writing, the app does not offer you any way of finding out the videos that you have watched and while it might sound like a little thing, for a lot of people who share the video they just watched with others but cannot find it, it is annoying.

TikTok Will Finally Let You See Which Videos You Have Watched

That is apparently going to change as TikTok is currently testing a "Watch History" feature that will keep a track of the videos that you have watched. Certainly, a convenient feature, to say the least.

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The feature is currently being tested only for a few users and will be expanded at a later date.

The feature was spotted by Twitter user @hammodoh1 and posted about it on his Twitter. For those who are wondering how to access this feature, simply go to the Settings > Content and Activity section and you will see the feature listed there.

The company has not shared any details of when this feature is going to make its way to everyone but whenever it does, we will surely keep you posted.

Do you think that the Watch History feature on TikTok is something that will prove to be useful or is it a waste of time? Let us know in the comments below.

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