8 Roborock Smart Home Cleaners Get Holiday 2021 Discounts to Help You Get that Perfect Gift!

roborock black friday 2021 deal

'Tis that time of the year again. Full of cliches, hot chocolate, cringey-happy movies, and the confusing process of selecting the right gifts for everyone. Don't want to do the whole mental jujitsu over this? If there's one smart home gadget that is guaranteed to win over even the most technophobic person, it's a robot vacuum cleaner. Who wouldn't like to have the daily chore of cleaning to be automated!

Roborock has been our go-to brand for all things cleaning for the past four years now. The company won us over when the industry was reliant on $1000+ robovacs. Tech companies in Silicon Valley might talk about improving access to their products, but Roborock truly revolutionized the industry, making access to a smart cleaner possible for most.

If there is one gift that is going to win over your loved ones, it's a robovac!

Whether you are looking for a gift for that nephew living in a dorm or that grandparent who isn't that fond of tech, Roborock will not only make their lives easier but will also make you their favorite person... at least for this season.

The robovac maker is offering amazing Black Friday discounts on an array of its products, in different price ranges and with varied specialties. Wondering what to buy? Here is a list of products on Black Friday 2021 discounts; these are guaranteed Black Friday 2021 prices, so you don't have to wait until the last minute hoping for more savings only to end up missing out due to an increasingly limited stock:

Product NameBlack Friday PriceRetails forYou Save 
Roborock S7+$719.99 $949.98$229.99 (24% Off)Biggest discount on this latest robovac that comes with Auto Empty Dock
Roborock S7$454.99 $649.99$195 (30% Off)Wccftech-recommended
Roborock S4 Max$279.99$429.99$150 (34% Off)Best vacuum-only option
Roborock E4 Mop$219.99$379.99$160 (42% Off)Best budget option
Roborock S6 Pure$359.99 $599.99$240 (40% Off)No-brainer robovac
Roborock S5 Max$379.99$549.99$170 (30% Off)Best-selling smart cleaner
Roborock S6 MaxV$459.99$749.99$290 (38% Off)Perfect for homes with pets
Roborock H7 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner$359.99$499.99$140 (28% Off)Largest discount ever offered!

Roborock's 2021 Holiday Offers bring you a smart vacuum cleaner for as low as $219.99 for a limited time. If you are a techie and like to max out, go for nothing but the S7+ (or S7 and AED if S7+ becomes unavailable due to low stock).

S7+: Sonic Mopping. Mop Lifting. Auto Emptying.

If you want a gift on a low budget, E4 Mop is your friend. Need a cordless vacuum to clean your furniture, car, and those hard-to-get nooks of the house? H7 is made for you!

Roborock E4

And for those who would like everything but without any extra techie features, S5 Max has remained the most-selling robovac for the past two years and continues to win hearts around the world.

Roborock S5 Max

Wake each morning to a freshly cleaned home! This season, it's time to finally make yourself or a loved one happy and healthy with the gift of a clean house.

- Check out this buyer's guide to help you decide which robovac is perfect for your family's needs

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