Roborock S7 vs S6 MaxV vs S6 Pure vs S5 Max vs E4 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


Roborock is a name that comes up here quite often when we talk about automated home cleaning. Before the company got mainstream popularity, we were talking about how it was potentially going to beat the then-overlords of the robovac industry. This isn't without reason because Roborock has revolutionized the industry by truly breaking the access ceiling, making robot vacuum cleaners a possibility for everyone, in every budget.

In the past few years, Roborock has introduced several models in different price categories. However, budget isn't always the only criteria to choose the robovac that is right for your own space. Do you have pets; do you need something that can cater to multi-floor plans; do you need an intelligent mopping feature - these are some of the essential questions you need to ask yourself before investing in your smart cleaning partner.

Choosing the right Roborock vacuum cleaner: S7, S6 MaxV, S6 Pure, S5 Max, and E4

Roborock has a number of variants under its name, which honestly can get confusing for someone who's a robovac newbie or is upgrading to a Roborock vacuum cleaner for the first time. In today's guide, we will focus on some of the best Roborock smart vacuum cleaners in different budgets to help you choose the right one for your own home or small office.

Roborock S7: "the" perfect deep cleaning machine

Roborock S7 is one of the latest vacuum cleaners from the company, revealed at CES 2021. With the pandemic hitting us all and pushing us indoors, Roborock has been focusing more on the mopping function to help deep clean the floors and carpets.

Introducing Sonic Vibration Technology, S7 scrubs at up to 3000 cycles/minute for effective stain removal, which means you no longer have to hand scrub carpets for those dried stains that most vacuums can't handle. It also has an Intelligent Mop Lifting feature that prevents cross dirt and is perfect for carpets.

Top Highlight: First robovac that doesn't just drag around a wet mop but scrubs and cleans the floors deeply. S7 won about 17 awards at CES 2021 - not surprising considering its features!

Retails for: $649.99

S6 MaxV: pro at obstacle recognition and avoidance

Perfect for homes with kids and pets, Roborock S6 MaxV features proprietary ReactiveAI obstacle avoidance technology and stereoscopic vision, which helps it estimate the location and size of the obstacle to reroute its course. Home navigation is never a problem for Roborock, thanks to its renowned PreciSense LiDAR navigation system, but S6 MaxV takes the cake in being the most efficient and fast at avoiding obstacles.

S6 MaxV also features strong suction and a bigger water tank, helping you deep clean your home regardless of the junk that kids or pets leave around. With S6 MaxV, you can set up multi-floor plans with independent no-mop zones, no-go zones, and invisible walls.

Highlights: Obstacle recognition, advanced mopping with the ability to tailor water flow by the room. Thanks to its twin cameras, you can also check up on your home and see what the S6 MaxV sees (data can't be stored due to privacy reasons).

Retails for: $749.99 | Currently: $699.99

S6 Pure and S5 Max: sweep-n-mop in budget

Loving S6 MaxV and Roborock S7, but they seem pricey? Look out for the specs list of S6 Pure and S5 Max. Both of them feature multi-floor planning, LiDAR navigation system, virtual barriers, and are winners of the IF Design awards.

Both carry near-similar features except for a bigger water tank in S5 Max. S6 Pure is retailed at $599.99 (currently $409.99) while S5 Max is priced at $549.99 (currently $519.99). S6 Pure was introduced after S5 Max. If you are falling for these two, S6 Pure is the obvious winner considering its current discount. BUT, if you want a bigger tank, you'll have to go with S5 Max.

Highlights: Almost all of the top specs that make these two best buys for someone looking into sweep-n-mop robovacs. Unless you are a specs-junkie (like some of us at Wccftech...), you would be happy with these two!

S6 Pure: $409.99 | S5 Max: $519.99

Roborock E4: truly the ultra-affordable smart vacuum cleaner

If you don't want to spend too much and just want something that gets the work done without any extra fancy features, Roborock E4 will be your best friend!

With 2000Pa strong suction, 200min runtime, Carpet Boost, App control, Integrated Mopping, Auto Top-up, Washable Filter, optimized edge cleaning, and 5200mAh battery, regardless of the price tag, E4 is the perfect cleaning partner that works for even the larger homes and homes with pets.

Highlights: Extremely affordable robovac with all the needed specs and features!

Retails for: $299.99 | Currently: $199.99

Roborock robot vacuum cleaners - specs comparison

Roborock S7 Roborock S6 MaxVRoborock S6 PureRoborock S5 MaxRoborock E4
High-speed sonic mopping----
Automatic mop lifting----
-ReactiveAI obstacle avoidance---
Ultrasonic carpet sensing----
App & Voice Control App & Voice Control App & Voice Control App & Voice Control App & Voice Control
Mopping Function Mopping Function Mopping Function Mopping Function Mopping Function
Adaptive Route AlgorithmAdaptive Route AlgorithmAdaptive Route Algorithm Adaptive Route Algorithm-
High Precision Map High Precision Map High Precision Map High Precision Map -
LDS Laser Navigation LDS Laser Navigation LDS Laser Navigation LDS Laser Navigation Inertial Navigation
Auto-Recharge Auto-Recharge Auto-Recharge Auto-Recharge Auto-Recharge
Electric water tankElectric water tank-Electric water tank-
up to 300㎡up to 300㎡up to 300㎡up to 300㎡up to 200㎡
470ml Dustbin460ml Dustbin460ml Dustbin460ml Dustbin640ml Dustbin
300ml Water Tank297ml Water Tank180ml Water Tank290ml Water Tank180ml Water Tank
2500Pa Suction2500Pa Suction2000Pa Suction2000Pa Suction2000Pa Suction
180 minutes (Quiet Mode)180 minutes (Quiet Mode)180 minutes (Quiet Mode)180 minutes (Quiet Mode)200 minutes (Quiet Mode)
Real-Time Robot LocationReal-Time Robot LocationReal-Time Robot LocationReal-Time Robot Location-
Selective Room CleaningSelective Room CleaningSelective Room CleaningSelective Room Cleaning-
Zone Cleanup Zone Cleanup Zone Cleanup Zone Cleanup -
Map Saving Map Saving Map Saving Map Saving -

You can head over to the official Roborock website and use their comparison tool to pull up detailed specs of any models that you may be interested in, including but definitely not limited to the ones we have talked about today. Alternatively, you can also click on the "Help Me Choose" button and answer some questions to see which robovac would suit your needs the most.

Quick links to buy:

  1. Roborock S7 - $649.99
  2. S6 MaxV - $699.99
  3. S6 Pure - $409.99
  4. S5 Max - $519.99
  5. Roborock E4 - $199.99

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