Thermalright shows Venomous X Black CPU cooler.

Thermalright has shown its new CPU cooler which is a different variant of its Venomous X cooler. The Venomous X Black CPU cooler is the same as the Original heatsink but this one comes with Black-Nickel Plating while having the same number (Six) heat pipes and a standard tower design. The cooler can support 2 140mm fans on its sides which will improve the cooling alot. The cooler measures 127 x 63 x 160 mm while the weight is 755 g. The cooler is compatible with all the latest CPU sockets, LGA 1366, LGA 1156, LGA 775 and AM3/AM2(+). The cooler is bundled with a tube of Chill Factor III TIM and will be priced for around 55 EUR.


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