theHunter, Advanced Hunting Simulator, Gets a Subarctic Expansion


One of the most advanced hunting simulators, that has also spawned it's own dinosaur survival game, is being updated with a new and very unforgiving subarctic landscape.

Avalanche Studios and Expansive Worlds have released the new hunting location caleld Whiterime Ridge that's been inspired by the subarctic parts of North America. It’s the largest reserve to date that's been in the game and temperatures can potentially drop to a very chilling -35 C.

The cold snowy environment isn't just being added so you can enjoy the pretty landscape, either. That frigid habitat will have a market affect on the games mechanics as well. Just as in real life, the cold can be very detrimental to your health and effectiveness.

"It will be difficult to keep your weapon still when aiming - perhaps your trigger finger does not obey your will at all. After a while you’ll succumb to the cold and collapse into a sad little frozen pile."

- Daniel Jansson, designer at Avalanche Studios

The community behind theHunter have been requesting an Arctic climate to play within for some time, and is one of the most requested locations ever. So ti's finally here, and they're also adding four new animals that call Whiterime Ridge their home; the snowshoe hare, bison, arctic fox and sitka deer.

We've wanted to explore the possibilities of a sub-arctic hunting environment in theHunter for a long time. But it needed to be done right. We wanted to implement proper cold weather gameplay mechanics coupled with a diverse range of new species. You can really feel the cold and the isolation when hunting in Whiterime Ridge, so bringing some friends on your bison hunt is highly recommended.

- Hannes Rhodin, Producer at Expansive Worlds

Whiterime Ridge is the 10th reserve to be launched in theHunter since it was released in 2014, and overall since 2009. There are currently around 6 million registered players. theHunter is an ever-evolving game, continuously developed in close collaboration with its dedicated community. theHunter is a free-to-play game on Steam.