The Witcher: Monster Slayer Launches on iOS and Android on July 21st

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

There is no denying that the Witcher series is one of the most prolific modern franchises in the gaming industry and has been enjoyed by countless people. Now, the fun is coming to your mobile platforms as well in the form of The Witcher: Monster Slayer. The game is developed and published by Spokko and is set long before the story of the Witcher that CD Projekt Red game us. This is sad since we will not be seeing our heroes coming back. But for those wondering, this time, you are playing an augmented reality RPG.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer Looks Like a Fan Augmented Reality Project on iOS and Android

If you are wondering what the game is all about, you can read more about it from the press release.

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In a time where monsters freely roam the land in large numbers, the relatively new role of ‘witcher’ has become essential across the Continent. In Monster Slayer, players will see the world around them transformed into the dark-fantasy realm known from The Witcher universe. As a freshly trained witcher themselves, they will engage with location-based gameplay and advanced augmented reality features to track down and hunt bloodthirsty monsters lurking nearby.

Spokko also shared a trailer with us that you can check out.

Following the anticipation of the Witcher: Monster Slayer, Spokko has also announced that Android users can go ahead and pre-register on Google Play Store; this will allow them to start their monster hunter journey as soon as the game launches, and they will also receive the legendary Kaer Morhen steel sword that will be in their inventory; this sword will allow them to gain 10% experience points for every monster they kill.

If you are interested in pre-registering for the game, you can head over here. Although I am not a massive fan of augmented reality games, I am looking forward to the Witcher: Monster Slayer. The Witcher world has always been a favorite, so it is fascinating to see how the game will look and play in augmented reality.

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