The Witcher Calculator Allows You to Experience the Franchise in the Most Optimal Way


Like many of you out there, we love The Witcher series, and today we wanted to share something that might help you experience the franchise in most optimal way.

So you have watched Netflix show and want to learn more about Geralt of Rivia? You have played The Witcher 3 but what about its prequels and the original novels from writer Andrzej Sapkowski? Where to best start your journey in The Witcher universe? We received a tip about a tool created by fantasy-lover Marysia Kluziak which allows users to get the best The Witcher experience in four different ways.

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According to Kluziak, she created an algorithm that recommends the best order to explore the franchise based on your preferences. This recommended order is based on whether you’re most interested in the books/games or both. Users can then select if they want to read the books or play the game first. Another option is to pick the ‘optimal experience’ which will urge users to play the first two games first, then read the books, and finish your adventure by completing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Another nice addition is that the calculator also gives an indication of how long it would take someone to read the novels based on reading speed and the amount of available time per day. Playstyle and time is used as well to estimate the time required to play through the games.

"Watching the Netflix series reminded me how much I love “The Witcher”, and I really wanted to read the books again", the calcalator's creator wrote to us. "Unfortunately or fortunately, books and games are much more than just 8 episodes. One needs to commit to the right flow of the story and honestly, there isn’t just one. There are 4 popular orders in which a reader can dive into the tale, depending on what works for him/her. I built this tool to give this power(option) to choose a reading style/playstyle and see how long it’ll take."

We ‘calculated’ our best Witcher (or rather mine) experience, and as it turns out, I will need 218 days to be fully up to date with Geralt and his love triangle. We’ve included our recommended order that was calculated down below. This order is based on the ‘optimal experience’ with a balanced playstyle, normal reading speed for 1 hour per day, and playing the games (including DLC) for 2 hours per day.

You need 218 days for your Witcher experience. It means that you will finish by Sep 6, 2020.

  1. The Witcher - 46 hours of gameplay, 23 days of playing
  2. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - 34 hours of gameplay, 17 days of playing
  3. The Last Wish - 353 pages, 12 days of reading
  4. Season of Storms - 366 pages, 12 days of reading
  5. Sword of Destiny - 385 pages, 13 days of reading
  6. Blood of Elves - 324 pages, 11 days of reading
  7. Time of Contempt - 337 pages, 11 days of reading
  8. Baptism of Fire - 378 pages, 13 days of reading
  9. The Tower of Swallows - 439 pages, 15 days of reading
  10. Lady of the Lake - 540 pages, 18 days of reading
  11. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 103 hours of gameplay, 52 days of playing
  12. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hearts of Stone - 14 hours of gameplay, 7 days of playing
  13. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine - 28 hours of gameplay, 14 days of playing

An interesting tool indeed that and we’re interesting in reading about your ‘experience’ down below.