The Witcher 3 Better FX Mod New Version Improves Igni Effects And More


The Witcher 3 may not be a recent game anymore, but it doesn't mean that modders have given up on it, providing improvements beyond those included in the official updates. Recently, one mod that improves graphics has received a new update.

The Witcher 3 Better FX mod introduces better particles effects throughout the game. The latest update introduces improved Igni sign effects, making them look closer to the famous E3 trailer, as well as a new smoke-shader.

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update Has Been Given a New Holiday 2022 Release Window

This Mod tries to achieve better FX. This means I increased the particles (count/density) for:

sparks and fire dust
the amount of smoke
spume/splash (some specific, not all)
toxic gas
ALL enemies (f.e. gryphon, lessun, fogling 😉 )
Signs: Igni, Yrden, Quen, Axii
smoke/fire for all cutscenes and quests


1. IGNI CONE is now closer to the E3 version.
2. Added a new smoke-shader to the "burning/frozen village"-cutscene, to look closer to the scene from the VGX-Trailer 😉 It looks like this, but more red in color. Best check for yourself since I don't want to make another comparison-shot.

You can head over here to download the mod.

The Witcher 3 is now out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.