The Solus Project Gets Huge Free Expansion, Adding 3 Hours of Story

GRIP Digital and Teotl Studios announced a huge free expansion coming to The Solus Project via a press release today. The Highpoint Expansion is actually already available on PC via Steam & GOG, while it will release on Xbox One this Friday.

In “The Highpoint Expansion” the player will explore the new and very vertical Highpoint island, along with its accompanying massive cave level. Tons of new content is added in this free expansion, with over three hours worth of additional story and gameplay including a new cave look, acid lakes, dozens of strange flying orbs, a monstrous creature, and, last but not least, a massive windmill.
The plot thickens as the player ventures ever deeper into the world of The Solus Project and begins to understand even more of what has happened on the planet.
Alongside the new content a large new patch is included fixing known bugs and balancing dozens of existing features. The game is still part of the Xbox Game Preview Program, Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development so players can leave feedback for the developers if they find any issues and help them to make the game ready for the full release in May. They can use any contact method directly in the game for reporting the bugs.

The Solus Project is a single player exploration/adventure game with survival elements, set on a mysterious planet. Reception has been great so far on Steam Early Access, with over 88% of the reviews recommending the game; you can read more about it in our exclusive interview with Creative/Project Lead Sjoerd De Jong.

There's also a dedicated trailer for this update embedded just below.

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