The Silent Hill “Sakura” Story Will Feature Plenty of Mystery; Will Be More Than A “P.T. Demo”

Silent Hill Sakura

The Silent Hill "Sakura" demo will have a story filled with mystery and many cool things that will make it more than just a "P.T. Demo" according to a reliable insider.

Speaking on Twitter, Dusk Golem, who originally revealed the demo earlier this year, revealed that the story is one of the demo's best features, as it will be filled with mystery and players will have to piece it together.

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Further elaborating on the ResetERA forums, Dusk Golem said that Silent Hill "Sakura" does a lot of cool stuff that will make it something more than a "P.T. Demo", which was the playable teaser for Silent Hills, the canceled entry in the series that was supposed to be directed by Hideo Kojima:

I'll say this, right now while the info out there ruins the surprise of it existing, there's a lot of cool stuff Sakura does that is not spoiled right now. What I will say is it's its own experience, and what it's doing is pretty cool. I also happen to really like its story. My worry is if the whole original document this is from leaks, it does spoil some cool things about the game, the entire story, and other things I just think would be best left as surprises. If it sticks to what's currently out, it won't be a problem, my worry is if more gets leaked from it, since there is cool things in this beyond "P.T. Demo", is what I'll say.

The Silent Hill "Sakura" demo isn't the only project related to the popular survival horror series that has been leaked before its official announcement. A Silent Hill 2 remake is currently in the works by Bloober Team, and several people who worked on the original are also working on the remake together with the Polish team, according to Dusk Golem.

Silent Hill "Sakura" has yet to be officially announced. We will keep you updated on the game as soon as more come in on it, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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