The PlayStation 5 Launch Is Sony’s Biggest Console Launch Ever

Francesco De Meo
PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 launch is Sony's biggest console launch ever, the Japanese company confirmed today.

On the PlayStation Official Twitter profile, the Japanese company also confirmed that more inventory is coming before the end of the year to meet the unprecedented demand.

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While both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launches have been successful, gamers definitely had more reasons to get Sony's console at launch thanks to its great launch line-up which includes excellent games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon's Souls. Even without these games, the PlayStation 5 is the console that feels the most like a next-gen console thanks to some of its features and the DualSense controller, as highlighted by Kai in his review.

Sony's entry into the next-generation console war is the one that feels like a proper next-gen system. Rather than simply expanding on the existing libraries, Sony has established themselves as the console that's going to bring gamers into a new era. The software and UI are both early on in their implementation, but it's the combination of Sony's new Tempest AudioTech, titles that can take advantage of the SSD, and the DualSense controller that truly make this console stand out among the rest.

The PlayStation 5 is now officially available worldwide.

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