The New Apple TV Is Now Available For Purchase From Apple Store, Best Buy And More


The Apple TV received its long due update not so long ago and if you failed to pre-order it, you can buy it from your nearest Apple Store throughout the U.S. Apple TV has been updated with new hardware as well as software, bringing an all new age of media consumption for people who opt to remain in the company's ecosystem.

The new Apple TV costs $149 for the 32GB model while the variant with the 64GB option is available for $199 through Apple's Retail Stores in the U.S. The hot question that drains from the release is the compatibility of apps and games. The apps for the Apple TV constitutes how you watch your TV shows, sports, movies and many more, eliminating the hardships to control your media, via the new Siri Remote.

Let's see some additional details on compatible apps and games and how do they stack up against the previous generation Apple.

Apple TV - 'The Future Of Television'

The new Apple TV has an all-new user interface with a dedicated operating system called the tvOS. The new operating system brags its very own App Store which will be the major source for all app and game downloads. The new Apple TV is a lot different from the previous generation Apple TVs in terms of hardware as well as software. It is fast yet visually appearing, competing against the likes of Google's Chromecast and Roku.

Apple has sent emails to some of its customers for the promotion of its enhanced TV hardware. The email denotes the 4th-generation Apple TV as 'the future of television' stressing upon some of the new additions like Siri integration with Remote, the new UI and some other aspects.

If you are planning to purchase the new Apple TV, there are no scales to measure how the stock level variants are like. Before you make a decision to head to the Apple Store, it would be best for users to reserve the devices online for personal pickup. You can also order your Apple TV from Apple's Online Store for delivery. Moreover, if you want to pre-order it, you can visit Best Buy for U.S oriented deliveries marked for November 5th.

The Apple TV is surrounded by an ample amount of third party accessories which you can opt for. This is it for now, folks. Did you guys pre-order the new Apple TV? What are your forecasts about it? Let us know in the comments below.