The MasterBox NR600 By Cooler Master Price Drops to $59

Cyber Monday often brings a large number of price drops and sales for various PC components; one of these price drops includes the Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 PC case. This case is fairly standard, featuring a good range of compatibility alongside its minimalistic design. While this case was originally $69.99, the price drip has taken 15% off, making the new price $59.49 with notice that it'll be back in stock on January 4th.

The Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 PC case has had its price drop from the original $69.99 to the new price of $59.49

The MasterBox NR600 PC case features a minimalistic design with a mesh finish and a tempered glass side panel. This minimalistic design is showcased in the MasterBox NR600 PC case in the front panel, which has a fine mesh allowing for sufficient airflow. This airflow is facilitated through up to three 120 mm fans mounted to the front panel. This case also supports up to six 120 mm fans with a single mounted to the rear of the case and the top panel, offering two mounting locations for either a 120 mm fan or a 140 mm fan.

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For compatibility, the MasterBox NR600 PC case offers support for a graphics card maximum length of 410 mm, a CPU cooler maximum height of 166 mm, and a maximum power supply length of 180 mm. This allows for a variety of PC components to be easily installed inside of this PC case.

This PC case offers a large amount of support for storage options, including four 3.5" hard drives and a total of five 2.5" solid-state drives. This widespread storage support allows for a huge steam library or content creators who record longer videos.

The MasterBox NR600 PC case currently has its price dropped from its usual $69.99 to $59.49; this price drop allowed buyers to save 15% when purchasing this budget PC case. In contrast, this lowered price tag makes this case perfect for nearly any PC builders looking to spend a larger amount of their PC budget on other components.

On Amazon, where this price drop occurs, the MasterBox NR600 PC case wouldn't ship until January 4th due to it currently being out of stock.

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