AMD Drops Prices On FX Series, A Series & Phenom II Processors

Sabeeh Qureshi

With an earlier drop on Radeon GPUs, AMD now revised prices across its A Series, FX Series and Phenom II processors. Effective from 27th August (today), the prices will drop by 1 to 23%.

The biggest reduction in pricing is seen by the Phenom II 955 that dropped from $105 to $81, the Phenom X4 965 BE went down from $115 to $91 while the rest of the Phenom II processor only received drops of $2 or even less than that.

But more interesting for us would be the drops seen by the A and FX series processors. The change in prices are coming amid AMD’s plans to launch its replacements for their Llano APUs with Trinity APUs and the current FX series being replaced with faster variants of the FX CPUs respectively.

Besides that, AMD has also launched a new processor today namely the quad core FX-4130 that is based on the bulldozer architecture running a 3.8-3.9 stock-turbo core frequency. Besides having a 125W TDP and 4 MB of L3 cache, the FX-4130 will retail for $101.

Check out the complete old and new pricing implemented by AMD below:

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