The iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey is the Only iPhone You Will Ever Need


The idea of luxury smartphones is nothing new, to begin with. There are so many companies working towards creating truly mind-bending smartphones and Caviar is just one of them. They recently announced an Eternity collection for the Galaxy Note 20 series, and if that was not enough for you, Caviar is now coming out with the iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey collection and despite being a loyal Android user, that is all I want.

The iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey Collection Can Cost as High as $7,290 and Has a Fragment of Mercury, Mars, or the Moon

Now we know that iPhone 12 Pro is not coming out until next month and we have seen the chassis of how it is going to look, so the design is subjected to change. But people who want to buy this phone are little concerned about the design as the pre-orders are already live, and I am sure someone has already placed an order or two for these devices. The phones look absolutely gorgeous and we cannot deny that.

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Below, you can see the iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey Mercury, and we will obviously showcasing the other editions as well.

Yes, that is how exaggerated the design is and I, at least, absolutely love it. I understand that this phone is going to be polarizing for a log to people but hey, you cannot put a price on luxury. The iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey Mars is, even more, up my alley.

And last but not the least, we have the iPhone 12 Pro Space Odyssey Moon, which, as you may have guessed it, has a fragment from the moon embedded into the case back.

As with their other standard editions, Caviar is only going to be making 99 of each design but hey, colour us impressed because these are some seriously beautiful devices. But then again, you are only going to buy it for the sake of how exclusive it is and how it looks because hey, how else are you going to flex this phone?

Interested in picking one up? You can head over here and pre-order one for yourself.