The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Trailer Shows How it Differs from Phoenix Wright’s Cases

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Fans of visual novels and inappropriately-shouty court cases were very excited when Capcom announced The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will be coming Westward, but what really sets these games apart from the series’ classic Phoenix Wright adventures? Of course, the games take place in the late 19th century and stars Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo, but are they significantly different in terms of gameplay? Yes, actually!

The Great Ace Attorney games feature a couple key new features, including “Dance of Deduction,” where you have to work out the facts of case with fellow investigator Herlock Sholmes (yup, really), and “Summation Examination,” in which you have to convince a jury of unique characters in order to win your case. That’s right, a jury in an Ace Attorney game, after all these years! You can check out an overview of the two new features in the video, below.

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So, beyond these features, what’s The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles all about? Well, it’s a remastered collection of the previously-Japan-exclusive The Great Ace Attorney Adventure and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. You can check out a new story trailer and a quick description, below.

With all the fun and drama of the Ace Attorney series set against the backdrop of Victorian-era Britain and Japan, there's sure to be no "Objection!" to the adventures of Ryunosuke Naruhodo as he turns the courtroom upside down! Featuring an intriguing overarching mystery spanning across two games, it's the most engrossing story in the series yet!

  • The Great Ace Attorney Adventure: The Empire of Japan – after opening its doors, a push for cultural transformation brought great waves of Western influence to the Far Eastern island nation. The revolution washed over the land, making life in the capital exciting and unsettling. It was a period of great change, and some were swept away by the tide. But for one man, the turbulence of that era was just the beginning of an extraordinary story.
  • The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve: The Great Exhibition of London – that grand event that was to be a last hurrah of the 19th century. But from amongst the glitter and glory of Great Britain's latest achievement, a series of grim crimes began to emerge and come to the fore. From the Empire of Japan to the British Empire, a sweeping tale that straddles the two island nations is about to take centre stage once more.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles makes its case on PC, PS4, and Switch on July 27.

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