The Callisto Protocol is a New Sci-fi Horror Game from Dead Space Director Glen Schofield


Back in 2019, Dead Space and Call of Duty: WWII co-creator and director Glen Schofield surprised many when he announced he was founding Striking Distance, a new studio under the PUBG Corp. banner. At the time, it was said the goal of Striking Distance was to expand the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds universe with a “cinematic narrative experience.”

Well, just minutes ago at The Game Awards 2020 Schofield announced The Callisto Protocol, which essentially looks to be a spiritual successor to Dead Space. Sci-fi setting, gruesome, slime-drooling aliens, the whole bit! It's unknown exactly how this game will connect to the PUBG or if that whole concept is out the window. If this game is set in the PUBG universe, Schofield has travelled pretty far afield. Check out the first trailer for The Callisto Protocol, below.

The Callisto Protocol is “Coming Together” with Mocap in Progress, More Info Coming Soon

Schofield will be working on The Callisto Protocol with Steve Papoutsis, who previously served as general manager Dead Space developer Visceral Games. Here's what Schofield had to say to The Verge about the new project...

The Callisto Protocol is the culmination of decades of experience building AAA games. We’ve built a world class studio of passionate developers that is ready to once again tackle one of our all-time favorite genres—survival horror. We’re setting out to make one of the most terrifying games of all time, and we can’t wait to share more about The Callisto Protocol next year.

The Callisto Protocol is coming is coming sometime in 2022. Platforms haven’t been specified. More details and a sure-to-be-bloody red band trailer is coming on December 17, so start steeling your nerves now. So, what are your thoughts on The Callisto Protocol? Do you think it will be the Dead Space sequel you’ve been waiting for? As a huge fan of the series, I'm definitely willing to give Schofield's latest the benefit of the doubt.