The Ascent Rated for PlayStation in Taiwan, Transmog and First Paid DLC is Out Now

Nathan Birch
The Ascent

It seems like one of this year’s more significant Xbox console exclusives is getting ready to make the jump to new set of platforms, as The Ascent has been rated for the PS4 and PS5 by the Taiwanese Game Software Rating board. Now, of course, this isn’t an official confirmation, but these kinds of ratings board leaks almost always end of being the real deal, so it seems likely The Ascent is indeed going fully multiplatform.

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In other The Ascent news, a new update has also just gone live, which includes the much-requested ability to chance the look of your gear without changing its function (aka transmogrification). You can check out the new features included in the update below (and the full patch notes here).

Free Content Update: Transmogrification

Transmogrification (commonly referred to as Transmog) provides the ability to replace the appearance of your armor with other items, or to hide certain pieces of armor. You can now do so in The Ascent by visiting the Stylist, who can be found in each safe-zone: Cluster 13, The Node and Arcology Highstreet. For a small fee, the stylist will allow you to transmog any armor item currently equipped and replace its appearance with the chosen transmog. If your new look is becoming outdated, you can always reverse your choice, and select a new look!

8 New Free Fashion Items

Want to pay a visit to the Punk Bladder, but without all the heavy armor, just as a regular Habber? Now you can! We’ve added eight new fashion items for you to experiment with the new Transmog feature and recently added photo mode.

  • Street Cap
  • Habber Cap
  • Street Headset
  • Habber Shirt
  • T-shirt: Blood Direct
  • T-shirt: 2 Blob 3 Blob
  • Slick Trousers
  • Habber Jeans

Meanwhile, The Ascent’s first paid DLC, the “Cybersec Pack” is also out now. It includes 4 new pieces of armor, 2 weapons, and more. You can scope out everything included in the $5 Cybersec Pack, below.

The Ascent

The Ascent is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. What do you think PlayStation owners? Interested in trying the game out?

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