The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Giveaway – Round 2

Alessio Palumbo

We've got a new beta giveaway for The Amazing Eternals, the upcoming competitive first person shooter by Digital Extremes that adds deck-building strategy to the gameplay formula.

Grab one of 565 beta codes on a first-come, first-serve basis. Then, to redeem your key follow these instructions:

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1. Sign up/sign in on the official website.
2. Enter your Code at this address in the 'Promo Code' field and click 'Submit'.
3. Download/start up The Amazing Eternals

The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Giveaway #2

The folks at Digital Extremes (who also develop Warframe, which is due to get a big update next week on PC) recently hosted a dev stream where they announced some of the upcoming content additions and changes. You can find a recap as well as the whole dev stream embedded below.


The newest Eternal has been revealed! Enter Worp, the Interdimensional Traveller. Worp is a Support Eternal with abilities and weapons based around utility and healing.

Worp’s weapons are the lovable little Twerps. Worp squeezes these Twerps and coats allies and areas with a variety of substances, depending on the Twerp! They’ll certainly be helpful for giving Worp and his allies the bonuses they need to turn the tide of battle.


Ray is getting an Alternate Skin! This new addition to Ray’s wardrobe is a love letter to the vintage space rangers and pulp science fiction of the 1930s. The art team did an amazing job with this piece -- the attention detail is evident in every rivet, buckle and painted jetpack. Check it out below:


A new Map will also soon be making an appearance in the Multiverse. This Map is Ray’s home turf and features a space station on an asteroid floating in the inky blackness of space.

The map is of a comparable size to Odona, offering plenty of high ground with sentry and sniper points. As well as a mix of close quarters encounters and long sightlines. Space Map is also noteworthy because of changes to how you can Siphon Fragments. Fragments will now be Siphon-able from multiple elevations, allowing for unprecedented freedom and strategy when capturing objectives. We can’t wait to see how you turn this map upside down and play it your way!


Want more variety out of your favorite Eternals? Well, you’re in luck! Mini-Boards are coming to The Amazing Eternals.

Unlike the main progression board, Mini-Boards will be based around a specific Eternal. Mini-Boards have the ultimate reward of granting a Keystone card, which is a special Ability that replaces your usual Q Ability.

Mini-Boards will have branching paths that allow you to work towards different Keystone Cards! For example, Ray’s Keystone Cards change his Turret to a Healing Station for his allies or a temporary Phase Shift that renders Ray untouchable by enemies for a short time. On the Devstream, the Ray Mini-board with its incredible art was shown off!


Currently, there is a new Game Mode actively being worked on, one shrouded in mystery, alluded to in hushed whispers and furtive glances. The Devstream crew tentatively referred to the game mode as “Daring Delivery” and said that if you like delivering a certain gift to an area and that gift exploding after a period of time, you would recognize this Game Mode. *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

Stay tuned to learn more about future Game Modes coming to The Amazing Eternals.


A “Beginner’s Luck” buff was recently added to help ease new players into the world of the Amazing Eternals! This buff lasts only for your very first game, and grants you additional health and damage so you can get used to the Eternals.

Addressing issues with toxicity and poor behaviour, a chat bot has been implemented that automatically monitors chat and removes offensive language, making The Amazing Eternals a more pleasant experience for everyone involved. If you feel as though someone is being especially toxic, abusing teammates, using profanity, etc., an in-game player report system has been implemented. Find the “Report Player” button when you pause the game next!

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