The 2020 Magic Keyboard Works Just Fine with the 2021 M1 iPad Pro [Video]


We can finally put this to rest - the 2020 Magic Keyboard works just fine with the 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro with M1 chip.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro's Extra 0.5mm Means Nothing at all, Fits Just Fine with the 2020 Magic Keyboard

A few weeks back we came across a report from iGeneration suggesting that the 2020 Magic Keyboard does not work with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with M1 at all. The report made it sound like as if we had to throw away our current Magic Keyboard just because the new tablet was 0.5mm thick and buy a newer model from Apple once again.

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Seriously? Yes, that report was real.

I've been using iPads with keyboard cases with thick glass protectors on it and I have never had any issues. So why should the M1 iPad Pro be any different with the 2020 Magic Keyboard? It is now confirmed that the keyboard works just fine and you do not have to panic buy a new Magic Keyboard due to a report that exists just to create unwanted panic.

Here is a video showing the new M1 iPad Pro with the older 2020 Magic Keyboard:

While Apple did say that the iPad Pro's extra 0.5mm might not make the tablet fit perfectly, but if you are an average user, you will not notice any difference at all as outlined in the video above. I'll go as far as saying that even if you put on a screen protector, it will not cause any problem still.

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The takeaway from this is simple - a small increase in depth does not mean you have to throw away your current accessories. Give it a while and wait for confirmation.

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