First Unboxing of 12.9-inch iPad Pro White Magic Keyboard Shows up Online [Video]

First ever white Magic Keyboard unboxing video surfaces online

The first unboxing video of the white Magic Keyboard for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has gone live on YouTube. Check it out right here.

Brand New Unboxing Video Shows off Apple's New White Magic Keyboard for the M1 iPad Pro

Many users are waiting for the M1 iPad Pro to arrive on their doorsteps and some are more eager to try out the new white Magic Keyboard for the tablet. Thankfully, some lucky buyers got their keyboards early and one creator, Michaelangelo’s Tech, uploaded a quick unboxing of it to YouTube. Check it out below:

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Since the Magic Keyboard owner's iPad Pro did not arrive just yet, therefore he was not able to check out the backlighting on the keyboard along with other stuff. But hey, in case you were wondering what the keyboard looks like, you have a clear view of it thanks to Michaelangelo’s Tech.

We are a little bit split on whether or not we prefer the gray finish or the white one. If you are too keen on keeping the keyboard looking as brand new as possible, then going for the right color option could be crucial here.

It is very impossible to keep either finishes clean for an extended periods of time. But, you do have the option to remedy it to a certain extend by using something like a skin, or just having the Magic Keyboard wrapped in a microfiber cloth no matter where you go.

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