Terminator Survival Project Announced During NACON Connect

Terminator Survival Project

NACON, as a company, publishes video games and designs console accessories, such as headsets or controllers. NACON’s publishing team has titles like Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong and the WRC FIA World Rally Championship series under their belt. Today, announced at the NACON Connect conference, the Terminator franchise will be joining their lineup.

Terminator Survival Project is a game is set between T2: Judgment Day and the creation of John Connor’s resistance, designed by NACON Studio Milan. Despite being set in the world of the Terminator franchise, Survival Project is an original story that builds upon the events in the movies. Terminator Survival Project has a new trailer to go with it, which you can see below.

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All that’s shown today, unfortunately, was the teaser trailer; there isn’t a concrete release date either, nor what consoles it’ll be coming to (just on PCs and “consoles”). The developers said that the game will be a survival game, the first of which that’s set in Terminator’s post-apocalyptic world.

That’s extremely vague, though, and a little bit of gameplay would have been sufficient in conveying what’s going on. There isn’t much that’s currently known about the game other than “it exists and is coming out… eventually.” No mechanics, no gameplay, none of that; just a T-800 unit approaching the warehouse in the trailer, with fires behind it.

Something else that’s a little unclear is which timeline this game’s supposed to take part in. This is because the Terminator movies have varying timelines depending on the movie you watch. For instance, the events of Terminator Salvation have nothing to do with the events of Terminator Dark Fate, as those two movies have their own timelines.

We’ll continue to update as more information relating to Terminator Survival Project releases. Terminator Survival Project’s release date is currently yet to be announced and will launch on PCs and consoles.

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