Pokemon-like MMO Temtem Regional Pricing Confirmed for Early Access Release


The Pokemon-like MMO Temtem is hitting Early Access later this month, and the game will be priced fairly across regions.

The game's early access release and pricing details has been confirmed once by the developer itself on Twitter. Regional pricing for the game is great news for those living in regions where the direct conversion of the price is not fair.

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Temtem is looking like the Pokemon MMO fans are still waiting for. The game is still in the works, but it seems like the game's framework is solid even at this early stage, as highlighted by Chris in his preview.

I've only been playing Temtem recently, having been invited to the closed alpha for preview purposes and I'm absolutely loving it. I've teamed up with other people to help them take out a gym leader. Captured fifteen of my own Temtem so far and I've only just left the first of six lands within the game.

Even at this early stage, it shows so much promise and I already know that any spare time, I'll be raising my critters, breeding and training them, exploring and questing around the world and just taking in what is genuinely a happy, lovely, game.

This is looking like Pokémon online, or at least what I've hoped Pokémon online would be, had Nintendo ever decided that they just wanted to roll around in an even greater pile of cash.

Temtem hits Early Access on January 21st. The game will eventually release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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