Temtem Battle Pass Criticism Addressed by Crema; Development Team is Working to Fix the Issues


Crema has recently released the 1.0 version of Temtem, allowing the game to be available on consoles and PC as a fully-released game. Unfortunately, with its release also came a wave of controversy surrounding the game's Battle Pass system alongside its price increase for the full release.

Let's talk about the Battle Pass right away. Temtem's Battle Pass mechanic essentially exists to provide players with rewards for playing the game. The BP is divided into two tiers, the free version, which offers a few rewards, and the Premium version, essentially a paid version of the BP that provides way more rewards and items.

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Now, to access the Premium Battle Pass, you have to use a newly introduced premium currency known as Novas. This is a currency you have to pay for, which can be used to buy cosmetic items. Also, it should be noted that both the Battle Pass and the items available are limited to cosmetic items and flare.

This feature isn't anything new, mind you. Nor was it a sudden decision made to trample new players. In fact, the plans regarding this BP were communicated openly. It was officially talked about as early as 2020, and had been mentioned in passing before that.

Despite this, players are angry because not only the game has increased in price from $35 to $45 once it left early access as is. But now, the game has a Battle Pass, which can set you back an additional $10. Not only that, but the Battle Pass also has a lot of very noticeable drawbacks that keep it from being useful for newer players such as the fact that it doesn't yield as much XP to clear each of the tiers for tamers that aren't in the endgame.

Well, Crema has addressed the notorious backlash that has tormented them since release by making a few comments over on the Community Discord. With Community Manager Tsukki taking the helm to make the announcements. First, the CM addressed the player's feedback by stating the following:

Hey Tamers! I've debated on whether I should post this or not, but it's always been our policy to be really honest and upfront with you. Temtem 1.0 launched today, and it's definitely been a very intense day. We are aware that there's been a lot of controversy surrounding our decision to include a battle pass in Temtem, and the nature of this decision is causing a lot of fracture in our community.

We know there's been calls to review-bomb the game, and the effects of this are being felt. We don't want this topic to take away from the fact that we're launching a project that's taken us 5 years, and we don't want so much work and effort to go to waste or go unnoticed.

Anything and everything paid in Temtem is cosmetic only. We have made it so purchasing one battle pass will give you enough currency to purchase the next for free, and that's an endless loop of free battle passes. We have always tried to make it as optional and little invasive as possible, and we offer it as an extra way to support us further if you really like the game.

Now, that would seemingly be it, but just this morning, Crema has implemented a few countermeasures to better the experience for Temtem players while also addressing some of the concerns the newer players had regarding progression for the game's Battle Pass. Some of the measures include the following:

  • Tamer Pass Experience from defeating and capturing wild Temtem has now been doubled effective immediately.
  • With the next patch expected to release a week from now, the Tamer Pass experience will also come from NPC trainers, allowing players to enjoy more progression during the natural course of the campaign.
  • Content from Tamer Pass (current and upcoming) will be included in the rotation of the Premium Store a year after it runs its original course.

The last point is interesting because now it seems like Temtem will be taking the Dead by Daylight approach with its BPs. For those unaware, you essentially would have to wait a year after the BP expiration before being able to 'reclaim' its contents as part of the premium store rotation. As such, players aren't pressured to play the game out or have any sort of FOMO instilled in them, as the content will be made available later.

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Still, there is a way to go for the development team before the Battle Pass becomes viable. Even the NPC Trainer thing, while implemented retroactively, will not be perfect in its execution. Even the development team admitted so in a subsequent post. Temtem is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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