Telegram 8.2 Comes with Media Improvements, iOS Updates and a Lot More

Telegram 8.2 Comes with Media Improvements, iOS Updates and a Lot More

Telegram has become one of the best messaging services available, and it keeps adding new features and options that make it even better. Telegram recently added new themes, video/audio live stream recording, and now, they are rolling a new update packed with features. The version primarily looks to improve media management as well as iOS functionality.

Latest Host of Changes Has Made Telegram an Even Better Messaging App

Telegram said in a blog post that “Every Telegram user has unlimited cloud storage," speaking further, “and each chat has a Shared Media page that shows all the photos, videos, files, and music that have been sent there. We’ve added a new date bar on the side of the page, which you can drag up and down to scroll through shared media faster.”

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The new page can also be zoomed in and out for easy scrolling, similar to the iOS and Google Photos app. Telegram is also bringing a new Calendar View for media, which will display your photos and videos on top of a calendar.

Telegram has also improved groups and channels by adding a new "request admin approval" setting. This will give admins more control over who can join and see chats. Invite links can have specific names, too. This way, it will be easier to tell where the invite is coming from.

Last but not least, the Telegram iOS app is receiving some exclusive improvements. Transit times now show up when someone is sharing their location, media captions are now easier to manage, and the settings have been updated to be more in line with the feel of iOS 15. Telegram has said, “the Devices Devices section now gives you a clearer overview of your active sessions with new icons – tap any device to see more details or log out from it remotely.”

Telegram 8.2 is now rolling out via Apple App Store and Google Play Store and if you want to read all about the latest changes, go here.

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