T-Mobile Customers Getting a Huge Treat – Galaxy Note 8 Shipments Might Reach Them Before Other Carriers Do

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T Mobile Galaxy Note 8 shipments

T-Mobile is at it again, as the carrier service is going to be issuing Galaxy Note 8 shipments before the flagship’s actual launch date. If you have yet to be a T-Mobile subscriber, now is the perfect time to become one because you will not have to wait impatiently for the phone to be delivered to your doorstep.

Customers Are Receiving Notifications From T-Mobile That Galaxy Note 8 Shipments Are Being Prepped for Delivery and Will Reach Subscribers Soon

According to TmoNews, customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8 while being a T-Mobile subscriber should be looking at a September 13 release date, which is just a single day after Apple unveils the iPhone 8 to the world. To remind you, T-Mobile sells the Galaxy Note 8 for $929.99 outright or $210 followed by 24 installments of $30 each.

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That is definitely an expensive handset, so we highly recommend that the financing offer is the best way to proceed. Another important thing to remember is that customers who pre-order the phone before September 24 will get a free accessory bundle from Samsung, which will include either a Gear 360 Camera or the 128GB microSD card and a wireless charging accessory.

The latter seems like a more appealing deal to us because not many consumers are going to look forward to carrying around a camera accessory with them at all times. Expandable storage and a wireless charging accessory is something that is both useful and convenient for them.

Are you a T-Mobile customer and have you received a confirmation from the carrier? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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News Source: Tmonews

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