These 37 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Samples Explore The 12MP Dual Camera Setup Thoroughly; Achieve Accurate Details With A Bit Too Much Warmth


The launch of Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 marks the start of H2 2017. This half will definitely be more interesting than the preceding one. We've got a lot of great devices lined up from a lot of manufacturers. Samsung's taken the lead with the Galaxy Note 8, making the phablet its first device with a dual camera setup. The Note 8 features two camera lenses of 12MP resolution and the Korean tech giant is kind enough to provide us with official camera samples as well. Take a look below to find out more.

These 37 Galaxy Note 8 Camera Samples Will Satisfy Your Initial Cravings For The Device's 12MP, f/1.7+f/2.4 Dual Camera Setup

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 launch came and went, with everything that we expected. The company introduced its Infinity Display on the smartphone, carrying the high screen/body ratio debuted with the Galaxy S8/S8+ forward. The Note 8 features an Infinity Display, which renders bezels nearly invisible for the smartphone. The device also features wireless charging and an earphone jack, just as the rumor mill predicted prior to its launch.

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Another big feature that surfaced was a dual camera setup on the gadget. After all, there is a select criteria these days to classify any smartphone/phablet as a flagship. The most important of these is perhaps a dual camera setup. It's present on nearly every major flagship out there, with the latest being Samsung's Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 features two camera sensors, with 12MP resolution each. The primary lens has a f/1.7 aperture width while the telephoto lens has a f/2.4 aerture width.

Dual pixel phase detection also makes it on board and the primary+secondary sensors are type 1/2.55" and type 1/3.4" respectively. Focal lengths for the pair stand at 26mm and 52mm, respectively. A nice surprise is Optical Image Stabilization, which is a first for any dual camera setup out there. Looks like Samsung's putting its massive resources to good use after all. 2x zoom and 2160p/30fps recording also makes it on board.

Taking a look at the images above, we've got mixed feelings. While the details captured by them is breathtaking, the pictures are far from perfect. This is despite the fact that Samsung's had plenty of time to tinker with these images. The amount of warm colors in several images is a bit too much for our taste. Of course, any final verdict will pass only once the device is available for testing. Till then, take a look at the images above and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.