Super Mario Maker 2 First Update Introduces Fixes


A new update has been released for Super Mario Maker 2, the new entry in the series now available on Nintendo Switch in all regions.

Update 1.0.1, which is also the first update ever released for the game, introduces a variety of fixes that are meant to improve the experience. Sadly, patch notes are extremely vague, so we don't know exactly what has been fixed.

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Issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Super Mario Maker 2 improves on the formula introduced by its predecessor with several additions like the elements that can be used in the course editor, multiplayer and a Story Mode featuring 100 courses created by Nintendo. In his review, Dave noted how the game is one of the best 2D Mario games ever released.

Mario Maker 2 is another Nintendo Switch essential. With more things to create with, more unique stages to play and better online functionality, this is the definitive Super Mario Maker experience. Honestly, the game is good enough to have the story mode sold separately, but the fact that it's bundled with such a powerful stage creation tool is incredible. This is one of the best Mario games of all time.

Super Mario Maker 2 is now available on Nintendo Switch in all regions.