Super Lucky’s Tale Dev Says Gap Between Xbox One and Xbox One X Will Probably Grow Over Time

Super Lucky's Tale, a sequel to Oculus Rift's exclusive platformer Lucky's Tale, will launch on November 7th for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

The date isn't a coincidence, as this will be one of Microsoft's exclusive showcases of the Xbox One X, where the game will run at 4K and 60 frames per second.

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In an interview published by Gamepost yesterday, Super Lucky's Tale Paul Bettner (CEO of Playful Corp.) drew parallels between the performance profiles of Xbox One/S at 1080P@30 and Xbox One X's 4K@60, before adding that he expects the performance differentials to grow over time as the Xbox One X is literally just getting started.

That's another really good question. So I can't speak to ... what it's like for different game developers. Like we were saying earlier, the performance profile on different games is very different, but in our case, it was actually a fairly seamless thing. Like the performance delta between 1080p 30 Hz and 4K 60 Hz is very similar across these two pieces of hardware. The amount of extra pixels and fidelity that we're pushing on the Xbox One X is ... There's not a lot of difference between what we had to do to get the game running on the Xbox One S at 1080p 30 Hz and the Xbox One X at 4K 60 Hz, so that was a great advantage for us in building this one game for both those platforms. If that's the case for other developers, that's phenomenal because there's almost no porting effort involved. You can build the game and, if you're automatically targeting the higher resolution and higher frame rate, or even just the higher resolution that the Xbox One X can do and features like HDR, then you get those and you kind of gracefully step down to the Xbox One S level of performance by just going to a lower resolution and not doing the additional HDR and post-processing effects, that kind of rendering overhead, without a ton of other differences between those two.

But I think there will be developers that push the Xbox One X even further than we have. I mean, we're one of the first to get the dev kit and we're one of the first games shipping natively on this device, but it's always the case that once more people get their hands on the hardware and have worked with it for longer that they start squeezing even way more performance out of it, and so the gap between the two devices is probably gonna grow over time. The Xbox One, at this point, is a well-understood piece of hardware that has a lot of the optimizations and that work has already been done, but for the Xbox One X, that's just starting.

Dave had the chance to play Super Lucky's Tale at EGX 2017 and enjoyed it while noting that it probably won't win any awards for its innovation. Check back closer to launch for our full review of the game.

But despite some minor gripes, it looks like there’ll be fun to be had with Super Lucky’s Tale. It looks great on the Xbox One X and will make a nice accompaniment with a big 4K display – it’s just a shame that some VR game design leftovers look odd without VR.

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